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Free Resources to Teach A Cappella to Young Singers

The Young Singers in Harmony progam is passionate about sharing barbershop harmony! We have a range of resources to help you introduce this artform to your students or choirs for young singers aged 25 years and younger.

Students will learn:

  • improved vocal skills
  • a good ear for synchronisation and tuning
  • musicality
  • artistry
  • showmanship.

Young singers love to sing barbershop harmonies - it's challenging so they become motivated to learn, and they also get a taste of show business!

You can tailor the program to the time you have and the age of students.

Funding for Youth Events

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What is Young Singers in Harmony Australia?

Young Singers in Harmony is an education program run by Sweet Adelines Australia and backed by Sweet Adelines International. It aims to introduce young singers under 25 to the barbershop a cappella artform by providing resources and support.

We currently have more than 1,100 singers in 30 choruses across Australia. Sweet Adelines Australia has partnered with Barbershop Harmony Australia to support youth development programs across the country. We can provide resources and funding to support your youth a cappella event. 

Have a listen to some of the champion youth quartets:

Duly Noted Quartet, Sweet Adelines International 2019 Rising Star Quartet Contest

Hot Pursuit quartet, Sweet Adelines International 2018 Rising Star Quartet Contest

And some of the top international barbershop youth choirs:

Treblemakers, Chandler High School, Chandler, Arizona, USA

Toasters, Tampa, Florida, USA

Teacher Resources

YWIH Teachers' guide

  • How the four voice parts – tenor, lead, baritone and bass – are structured
  • The balance of sound
  • Voice part ranges
  • Music interpretation
  • Barbershop manuscripts
  • Skills to teach during rehearsals
  • Rehearsal strategies
  • Visual performance
  • Learning the music

Vocals and tags

  • Vocal warmups
  • Vocal harmony exercises
  • Tags

Tags are an integral part of the barbershop idiom and will enhance your rehearsals. They're short, easy to learn, quickly taught and easily recalled and allow the singers to practice the blending their voices, balancing chords and accurate tuning. Tags are sung free-style, so the singer can hold each chord until it sounds great and even a bit more, just for fun!

You can find music for tags at:

Lloydsong   Glenda Lloyd also has a range of arrangements on the site.

Additional Resources

Sweet Adelines International website:
Young Women in Harmony

Application for free music

We'd love to help if you need further resources or information. Please contact us.
Happy teaching and singing!