Chorus Anniversaries

In 2023, the following choruses are celebrating key anniversaries:

Melbourne Chorus - 40 years
Hot Ginger Chorus - 30 years
Endeavour Harmony Chorus - 25 years
Headliners Chorus - 20 years
Indian Blue Chorus - 10 years

Coastal Charisma Chorus - 10 years

Member Longevity Milestones

Each year, usually at regional convention, we celebrate the longevity milestones of 20 years and above that have been reached by Region 34 members in the previous year. Congratulations to the following members, whose longevity milestones were acknowledged at the 2023 Region 34 Convention and Competition in Brisbane.

40-Year Member

Leanne Marshall, Chapter at Large

35-Year Members

Lorraine Stackpoole, Vocal Vibes
Doris Ward, Chapter at Large

30-Year Members

Paula Banfield, Hot Ginger
Jennie Harrison, Coastal a Cappella
Chris Jones, Indian Blue Chorus
Joanne Oosterhoff, A Cappella West
Margaret Taylor, Aurora Australis
Sharon Whitbourn, Aurora Australis

25-Year Members

Lorraine Bulwyn, Chapter at Large
Colleen Coad, Wollongong Harmony
Annette Connolly-Dyer, A Cappella West
Christine Davis, Redland Rhapsody
Debra Griffiths, Bathurst Panorama
Lyn Harty, Geelong Harmony
Jen Howson, Vocalescence
Jenny Johnson, Hunter Women of Note
Joanne Mangione, Endeavour Harmony
Robyn McCluggage, Endeavour Harmony
Penny Nilsson, Endeavour Harmony
Margaret Rykmans, Chapter at Large
Jeanette Whitmore, Vocal Vibes
Beverley Walters, Chapter at Large

20-Year Members

Samantha Auert, Perth Harmony
Cherry Blaskett, Hobart Harmony
June Browne, Brindabella
Merrilyn Brunton-Wild, Vocalescence
Leonie Connally, Coastal a Cappella
Sue Diamond, Chapter at Large
Suzanne Farrell, Headliners
Priscilla Frampton, Redland Rhapsody
Prue Frazer, Adelaide Sound Connection
Jan Fryer, Headliners
Cathy Gordon, Headliners
Mary Harvey, Perth Harmony
Tracey Jacob, Melbourne Chorus
Vanne King, Perth Harmony
Robyn Lewis, Riverland Harmony
Lynn MacDonald, Headliners
Janette Mahoney, Endeavour Harmony
Philippa McGuiness, Endeavour Harmony
Gaye Moffat, Endeavour Harmony
Josephine Morse-Dare, Hobart Harmony
Paola Murdoch, Headliners
Susan Nardi, Headliners
Joanne Radstaake, Riverland Harmony
Narelle Scott, Headliners
Pam Snellgrove, Endeavour Harmony
Jean Toleman, Perth Harmony
Narelle Walker, Headliners
Susan Wauchope, Headliners
Carole Windsor, Murrumbidgee Magic
Pauline Winwood, Riverland Harmony

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