Chorus Anniversaries

In 2024, the following choruses are celebrating key anniversaries:

Perth Harmony Chorus - 40 years
Geelong Harmony Chorus - 30 years
Hot Ginger Chorus - 30 years

Coastal Charisma Chorus - 10 years

Member Longevity Milestones

Each year, usually at regional convention, we celebrate the longevity milestones of 20 years and above that have been reached by Region 34 members in the previous year. Congratulations to the following members, whose longevity milestones were acknowledged at the 2024 Region 34 Convention and Competition.

40-Year Member

Lynette Gibson, Chapter at Large
Sue Long, Chapter at Large
Cathy Rainey, Chapter at Large
Michelle Todd, Chapter at Large

35-Year Members

Stephanie Cohen, Aurora Australis
Toni Frank, Indian Blue Chorus
Geraldine McDonald, Perth Harmony Chorus

30-Year Members

Carolyn Bourke, A Cappella West
Jocelyn Brash, Indian Blue Chorus
Suzanne Edmunds, Perth Harmony Chorus
Terri Scott, Melbourne Chorus
Jen Squires, Perth Harmony Chorus

25-Year Members

Helen Bolton, Chapter at Large
Jill Bradshaw, Northern Beaches Chorus
Kerrie Dawson, Melbourne Chorus
Engelina de Jong, Adelaide Sound Connection
Eugenia Deurloo, Perth Harmony Chorus

Ralda Forzin, Redland Rhapsody Chorus
Deborah Graham, Hobart Harmony
Shanti Gupta, Endeavour Harmony
Sheena Kaighin, A Cappella West
Veronika Liljeqvist, Chapter at Large
Sue Nichols, Perth Harmony Chorus
Sue Ohlin, Aurora Australis
Jan Power, A Cappella West
Beth Pratley, Bathurst Panorama
Diane Smallman, Perth Harmony Chorus
Jacquie South, A Cappella West
Julie Stephan, Headliners
Vicki Sutton, Endeavour Harmony Chorus
Rita Warren, Chapter at Large

20-Year Members

Helen Barker, Hobart Harmony
Carol Bowers, Hobart Harmony
Therese Cooney, Chapter at Large
Susan Cooper, Aurora Australis
Debbie Elea, Chapter at Large
Mariann Fee, Melbourne Chorus
Wende Feeney, Coastal a Cappella
Beverly Greer, Hot Ginger
Bec Hewitt, Chapter at Large
Leonie Parker-Lee, Chapter at Large
Michelle Roy, Geelong Harmony
Joan Schultz, Coastal a Cappella
Carol Sobetzko, Endeavour Harmony Chorus
Carol Thomas, Indian Blue Chorus

Jennifer Walsh, Murrumbidgee Magic 
Lyn Woodham, Chapter at Large


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