Sweet Adelines International

Sweet Adelines International is a highly respected worldwide organization of women singers committed to advancing the musical art form of barbershop harmony through education and performance. All Sweet Adelines Australia choruses are chapters of this organisation.

The international membership of nearly 23,000 women, all singing in English, includes choruses in most of the fifty United States as well as in Australia, Canada, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Scotland, Sweden, Wales and the Netherlands. There are also prospective choruses in Denmark, Greece and United Arab Emirates.

The organisation encompasses more than 1,200 registered quartets and 500 choruses.

Visit the Sweet Adelines International website for more information about how women the world over are making the most of this enriching hobby.


Sweet Adelines International have a great page of videos of the different contestants from recent International Contests that is well worth a look.

You can also subscribe to their Youtube Channel to get the latest videos as they appear.

International Convention
International convention is where we find out who is the best of the best!

Each year, the top chorus and quartet from each region plus top scoring wild cards are invited to compete in the international competition. They compete with 2 songs in the semi-finals and the top 10 winners from the semi-finals then compete with a package of songs in the finals.

The international convention also includes the Harmony Classic small and medium chorus competition and the Rising Star young womens’ quartet competition.

We have a top 10 Chorus at last!

History was made in 2015 when the 2014 Region 34 champions, Endeavour Harmony Chorus were named finalists in the International Chorus contest at the Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. They came 10th in the world after presenting a refreshing finals package with a distinctly Australian flavour

Find out more by visiting the international website.
If you want to read about all the chorus scores and comparisons to previous years, see the Wikipedia page on this subject

Future Dates

2018, St Louis, Missouri, October 16-20
2019, New Orleans, Louisiana, September 17-21

Harmony Classic

Each year, the top 10 small and midsize choruses worldwide (from the Regional Contest the previous year) compete in the the Harmony Classic Competition. They perform in 12-15 minute performance packages held on the first night of competition at the annual International Convention.

In 2012, Region 34 was represented in the Harmony Classic Contest by the Melbourne Chorus in Denver Colorado. They qualified as one of the ten top scoring midsize choruses globally, after being awarded the 2nd place medal in the 2011 Regional Chorus Contest in Newcastle, NSW.

In Las Vegas 2015, Bathurst Panorama Chorus represented Region 34 in the Harmony Classic Contest, after qualifying first of the ten top scoring small choruses in the world at the 2014 Regional Chorus Contest in Sydney, NSW. They won the 5th place medal in the AA division in Las Vegas. Way to go Bathurst!

In 2017, we will be represented in Las Vegas by Brindabella Chorus, our AA division winners in Wollongong 2016.

Winners of the Harmony Classic Contest are featured in the Pitch Pipe magazine, listed on the official Sweet Adelines International Web site, and displayed at the international headquarters.

You can see more about the Harmony Classic Competition on the Sweet Adelines Internatinal Website.