The Southern Cross Region has a very high Quartet participation level. Each year, 25-35 quartets compete at our annual convention, where four internationally renowned judges evaluate them in the categories of Sound, Music, Expression and Showmanship – some for medals, some for fun and many for the opportunity to gauge their progress along this great musical journey!

If you’re not in a Sweet Adelines Chorus, you can be in a registered quartet by taking Chapter-at-Large (CAL) membership.

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Starting a Quartet

To become an active, registered Sweet Adelines Quartet in Australia, you must first register your quartet’s name and members to the International organisation.

Quartet Name Search
To find out if a quartet name is available, search for a name here to find all names that match or are similar to the one you have chosen, in spelling and sound.

Please note that some quartet names are protected for various periods, depending on their placement at regional or international competition. If a name is protected, it cannot be used until the release date. If your search reveals there is not a similar name, you then need to contact Sweet Adelines International headquarters to confirm your name is available.

Quartet Registration/Renewal and Fees
Quartet registration/renewal begins May 2 and will not be accepted/processed during the month of April. All quartets will be subject to the same renewal deadline ending the fiscal year in which the registration takes place.

The renewal/registration fee is $80.00 through January 15, after which a processing fee of $50 will apply.

New Quartet Registration
For your convenience, you may download the Quartet Registration form via the password-protected access on the international website. (Please use this form if you are renewing and cannot find your quartet invoice). You may fill out the online Quartet Registration form here.

Quartets (Renewal)
Quartet registrations expire on April 30th of each year. Renewal notices are mailed in mid-April to the quartet contact on record for all registered quartets. A quartet may renew online May 1st – July 31st. Quartets must pay their renewal by July 31st or they will expire. Once expired, your quartet will be unable to renew online and the name associated with your quartet will become available to other registrants. If your quartet has expired, contact Emily Mock for renewal instructions.

Education for Quartets

Ask your Chorus Music Director for advice if you are considering forming a quartet. There will be resources available at the Chapter level to help get you started.

Each year, there are State Quartet workshops offered that cater for all experience levels of Quartets and those wishing to join one. Details of these workshops will be posted on the Events page of this website.

If you are a registered Sweet Adelines Australia member, you have access to a wealth of general and specific Quartet educational resources, found in the Education Centre of the members-only area of this website.

The Regional Quartet Coordinator can also provide you with information and refer you to education resources opportunities, local coaches and others in the Quartet community in your area.

Quartet Performances

The Region requires that a quartet be auditioned by the Education Coordinator (or her representative) to ensure the name Sweet Adelines is being well represented. Once this audition has been passed, the quartet is free to perform in public under the name Sweet Adelines.

In the first instance, discuss your audition with your Chorus Music Director, or contact the Region 34 Education Coordinator.