Love to Sing?

You know you can sing… or maybe you don’t know. You might have been in choirs, been a karaoke queen or spent years learning to hit the high Cs in opera … Maybe you’ve never sung beyond the safety of your shower! Doesn’t matter. If you can hold a tune and are willing to learn with us, then chances are there is a place on our risers for you!

Sing with Us

Sweet Adelines Australia’s vision is to be the leading musical organisation for women in Australia. For more than 25 years, we have been giving women of all ages education in the art of singing four-part, a cappella harmony in the barbershop style.

Not only do members learn vocal production and music, they also learn choreography, stage production, costuming and much more. It’s also a lot of fun!

Our members constantly say “we come for the music and stay for the friendships”.

Think ‘Pitch Perfect’!

Just like in the movies, our style of singing is a cappella, four-part harmony. It has complexity and beauty – and it’s fabulous! According to your vocal range, you will be placed as a Tenor, Lead, Baritone or Bass.

You’ll learn to sing with great vocal technique so those harmonies will produce the overtones that create our unique, resonant ring. ‘If you sing barbershop you’ll be a better singer than if you don’t sing barbershop,’ says Deke Sharon musical director of the Pitch Perfect movies.

And yes, women do sing barbershop; have done for generations, and it’s hugely popular right now. What are you waiting for? You’ve seen the movies, you’ve got our contact details, now you can do the ‘real’ thing!

I came along for the music and
I stayed for the friendships.
But wait, there’s more!

We are living the dream … our members are real women, singing real harmony, and having real fun. Our lives are made richer because we are achieving our potential. And it isn’t just about singing. There are opportunities and experiences that you never imagined…

  • quality, expert vocal education and training
  • opportunities to participate and perform at exciting community events, fabulous social activities and spectacular performance events
  • collaborating and competing with other singers
  • being encouraged and mentored in a range of complementary skills like performance and movement, stage direction, PR/marketing, costuming, stage makeup, event management and leadership.

Once you become a member of Sweet Adelines, you instantly become a member of a fabulous, fun-filled, musical family!


First, find the chorus(es) near you and contact them. The members will be happy to assist you and will welcome you to a chorus rehearsal.

For membership options outside of chorus membership see the Chorus-At-Large section below.

Membership in Sweet Adelines International provides unlimited opportunities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Here are just a few:

  • Superb, unmatched vocal education and training
  • Exciting opportunities to entertain within your community and compete with the most talented barbershop singers in the world
  • Fun social activities and spectacular performance opportunities
  • Programs designed to inspire you to reach new levels of success in a supportive community of friends
  • Discounts on sheet music, CDs, DVDs, books, brochures, merchandise and convention registrations
  • Discounts on special music arrangements by internationally recognized arrangers, made available only to members
  • A free subscription to the The Pitch Pipe, the official magazine of Sweet Adelines International, plus other various newsletters and publications

More membership benefits

Members are entitled to participate in competitions at regional and international levels.

Judges give detailed feedback on performances, which can be used as a learning tool to improve performance of the individual as well as the group.

Competitions represent exciting opportunities to travel, perform and learn.

Sweet Adelines choruses and quartets sing exciting a cappella, four-part harmony music, barbershop style.

The music includes special arrangements of contemporary ballads and upbeat songs, popular show tunes, and even jazz.

Members say that singing the satisfying sounds of barbershop harmony provides a rich, rewarding experience.

The main purpose of Sweet Adelines International is education of members in the art of singing four-part harmony, barbershop style. If you want to improve your singing abilities and learn a cappella harmony barbershop style, Sweet Adelines International offers the most comprehensive, quality education available anywhere in the world. Some of the subjects you can learn include:
Vocal Production
Stage Direction
Stage Makeup
Chorus Management
Personal Growth and Leadership

Chapter-At-Large (or ‘CAL’) is for people who would like to be members of Sweet Adelines but are either too remote or don’t have the time to join a Chorus.

As a Chapter-At-Large member you can still sing and compete with a quartet and receive all the same regional and international benefits as a chorus member does.

Currently, the CAL member pays the international per capita fee (due on the anniversary of your membership) and a regional assessment fee.

CAL members in Australia also have access to the members’ only area of the Region 34 website where additional educational resources and a range of copyright-paid Mass Sing and Regional Songs is available.

Our Regional CAL Coordinator to represents the interests of Chapter-At-Large members to the Regional Management Team and ensures all member communication is distributed to them.

If a CAL member decides to join a Chorus, she is eligible to transfer her membership without paying an additional per capita fee in the same fiscal year. Upon transfer, chapter-at-large membership automatically terminates.

More details


A Member-At-Large (or ‘MAL’) option also exists for anyone who wishes to only be affiliated with the International organisation and not enjoy any regional benefits such as competing or performing in regional contests and events, member pricing on regional events or receive regional communication and publications.

The same international annual dues as CAL membership applies, without the additional regional assessment fee paid by a CAL member. A MAL member is not counted in the regional membership at all.

A MAL member receives:

  • The Pitch Pipe magazine
  • Discounts on International Sales items
  • Discounts on sheet music
  • Free educational materials
  • Discounts on international events

More details

Dual Membership

Some members are members of 2 (or more!) choruses. This is called dual membership.

Sweet Adelines International has advised that dual members must keep their international dues up to date. They must also pay their chapter dues for both chapters, if charged by both chapters. We would add that Regional fees must be maintained as well.

However, this does not answer all the questions dual members and choruses often have, so here are some additional guidelines:

  1. Members generally seek dual membership for one of two situations – permanent duals maintain an ongoing, active relationship with more than one chorus and temporary duals generally sing with her secondary chorus only for a short time, usually in order to compete at Regional or International Competition.
  2. Everyone has a “primary” chorus. This is the first chorus the member joined OR the one nominated by that member. The member’s regional and SAI fees are paid through the primary chorus.
  3. International expects duals to pay ONE international fee per year, through their primary chorus.
  4. In the case of Regional or International elections, dual members’ voting is done through her primary chorus.
  5. Region 34 expects duals to pay ONE Regional fee per year, through their primary chorus. However if she sings with two different regions, then the second region may ask her to pay regional fees for that region also.
  6. A member wishing to dual with another chorus can nominate which chorus she WANTS to be her primary chorus by letting SAI and her chosen chorus know.
  7. If a dual member is paying chorus fees, she should be informed that she will be removed from your chorus members list when she stops paying – this is consistent for any member and reflects both SAI and chorus standing rules relating to being “in good standing”.
  8. It is the responsibility of the chorus board/management team of the secondary chorus to decide what your chorus’s practice will be in terms of how long membership in the secondary chorus will be maintained after the Regional or International Competition has been completed. The person being considered for dual membership should be given written/email notification about your rules before becoming a dual member, including whether chorus fees will be required and when her name will be removed from the chorus membership list. This will ensure the dual member knows when she is required to start payment, or allow her to discuss it with the secondary chorus.
  9. If your chorus has decided that dual members do not need to pay chorus fees, then they may be removed from the members list at any time after the relevant competition, or at the end of that financial year. Dual members should be informed of your chorus’s practice when they become duals.
  10. It is the responsibility of the secondary chorus to advise SAI to take temporary duals off their membership list. Otherwise, membership figures and statistics are skewed.
  11. It is also important to check the membership lists, especially before competition to make sure that the dual member is listed.

For those Sweet Adelines International members who would like to apply for Dual Membership, an application form can be downloaded here.