Quartet Scores

We are happy to see that our quartet scores have been trending upwards every year.

From 7 quartets in 1990, we saw numbers increase to 36 quartets competing in 2012 (That’s a lot of quartets for the judges to listen to in 1 day.)

Since then, numbers have steadied a little around 20-25 quartets in each contest.

Top 20 Quartet Scores

Hi-Jinx (now retired) dominate the top of the scores table with some fantastic scores from our best ever quartet.

Top 20 Quartets

These are our Top 20 quartets (by their highest ever scores).

Well done to all the quartets on this list!

Most Competing Quartets

Jan and Tonic quartet top this table having competed 9 times in Region 34.

But Sista! are coming right up behind them.

Quartet Medals

This shows all the quartets who have won Region 34 medals.

Hi-Jinx have won the most first place medals (6).

Accolade have 4 first place, 2 second place and one third place medal (7 medals in total.)

Here’s the Excel spreadsheet to see all the quartet scores over the years.

Quartet Results (pdf)

Most Improved Awards

These are the quartets who have won ‘Most Improved’ Awards.

Harmony Capers jumped an outstanding 129 points to win this award in 2010.

Treble Makers are the only quartet to have won this award twice.

Errors and Suggestions

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