Hobart Convention and Regional Contest 2019

Thu 16 May- Sun 19 May 2019

Congratulations everyone. Result sheets are below.

Hobart Convention and Regional Contest 2019

Our next Sweet Adelines Region 34 Annual contest and convention will be at Wrest Point Casino in Hobart from Thu 16 May to Sun 19 May 2019.


All the fun starts in…


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Webcast – Hobart 2019




Master Class

Watch the webcast of the Quartet Competition (Fri 17 May 19) and Chorus Competition (Sat 18 May 19) AND you will also be able to access the webcast archive for 2 weeks after the competition. (Webcast archive is not available until mid-week after contest and will then be available on this page for 2 weeks.)

This year we welcome back Traci Voss (Melbourne), Vicki Dwyer (Circular Keys), and Alex Morris
(Geelong Harmony) to the Contest Webcast. Joining them in the hot seat are Laurel Santry (Redland Rhapsody), Kirsten Richardson (A Cappella West) and Henrietta Farr (Vocal Vibes).

Together, the team will guide our webcast audience through the Quartet and Chorus competitions peppered with regional information, statistics, and competitor information along with shout-outs and support messages.

All competitors are encouraged to come and chat with us and the webcast audience after you have competed.

This free webcast will welcome donations throughout the weekend to help us continue broadcasting in the future.

And for the first time in Region 34, we will also be webcasting the educational Master Class for both Chorus and Quartets on Sunday morning (and this will also be available for 2 weeks after Convention)

Please Note : All Times shown are Australian Eastern Standard Time

Convention Schedule – Hobart 2019
Thursday 16th May 2019
12 noon – 1.00pm Quartet Reception
1.00 – 2.00pm Quartet Chorus Rehearsal followed by Quartet Chorus acting as mic testing chorus  for Official Inspection
1.00 – 2.00pm MC Briefing in the Onyx Bar
2.00 – 3.00pm CAL Get-together in the Onyx Bar
2.00 – 3.00pm Official Inspection
3.15 – 4.45pm Quartet Briefing and Walkthroughs
6.00 – 7.00pm Government House Reception (by invitation)

Registration Desk open 2.00pm – 5.00pm
RRT Information Desk/Staff open 2.00pm – 5.00pm
Harmony Bazaar bump-in – Thursday afternoon

Location of the rehearsal rooms are:
o Boardwalk – Down the escalator from the Tasman Theatre
o Wellington – Down the escalator from the Tasman Theatre
o Derwent – First floor – up the stairs from the main reception area
o Riviera- Mezzanine level – above main reception

Friday 17th May 2019
9.00 – 10.00am Chorus Briefing and Walkthroughs
9.00 – 10.00am Volunteer Usher Briefing
9.00 – 10.00am STAR Chorus Rehearsal Boardwalk Gallery
10.30 – 11.00am Mass Sing
11.30am Opening Ceremony
12.30pm Quartet Competition & Awards
evening Chorus Rehearsals

Registration Desk open 9.00am – 12.00pm
RRT Information Desk/Staff open 9.00-11.30am and during competition breaks
Harmony Bazaar open 9.00am – 6.00pm

Saturday 18th May 2019
morning Chorus Rehearsals
9.00 – 10.00am Volunteer Usher Briefing
9.00 – 10.00am STAR Chorus Rehearsal Tasman Room
11.30am Chorus Competition & Awards followed by STAR Chorus
One hour after conclusion of Chorus Comp (approx 5pm) Parade of Champions
6.30pm Dinner Box Service
From 7.30pm Afterglow/30th Anniversary Celebrations.
Brindabella Chorus is planning and hosting the post competition celebration on Saturday night. A fun night of music, dancing and singing is in the planning.
Downstairs in the Boardwalk Gallery and Wellington Rooms

RRT Information Desk/Staff open 9.00am – 3.00pm
Harmony Bazaar open 9.00am – 4.00pm

Sunday 19th May 2019

Due to the City to Casino Fun Run, roads to Wrest Point will be progressively closed from 8.45am. Access will be difficult and parking restricted so arrive early!

Tasman Room Showroom
Sound Classes
Derwent Room 1
Music Classes
9.00 – 9.30am AGM
9.30 – 10.15am

Chorus Master Class

Watch a chorus being coached by our showmanship and expression judges, Renee Porzel and Betty Clipman.

Play it Forward

Mary Rhea, our Sound judge will explore the concept of forward motion – how it affects your sound, and how it affects emotional delivery and communication of the story line.

How barbershop is that?

Corinna Garriock, our Music Judge and certified arranger explains what makes an arrangement “barbershop” using a checklist of music category items to let learners discover, through critical listening, how strong a fit an arrangement is for their chorus or quartet.

10.15 – 10.30am Regional Awards
10.30 – 11.15pm

Quartet Master Class

Watch two quartets being coached by our showmanship and expression judges, Renee Porzel and Betty Clipman.

Where do We Go From Here?

Contest is barely over, but we’re already thinking ahead.  What are the next steps for chorus or quartet to move forward? Mary Rhea, our sound judge will guide us through this.

Arranger Networking 

Arranger networking with Corinna Garriock. For arrangers and arrangers in training only.

11.15 – 11.30pm Closing Ceremony
12.00 – 1.30pm Leaders’ Lunch
Quartet Competition Fri 17 May Hobart 2019

Cont # Sched Time Quartet Chapter(s)
MC Announcements
12.30 Mic Testers: Shenanigans
1a 12.41 The BelleChords CAL Region 34, Brindabella,
Wollongong Harmony,
Endeavour Harmony
1 12.52 Catwalk (Evaluation) CAL Region 34, Brindabella,
Wollongong Harmony,
Endeavour Harmony
2 1.03 GinSing Coastal a Cappella
3 1.14 Cadence Vocal Vibes, Geelong Harmony
4 1.25 Cool Change Endeavour Harmony
5 1.36 ATTUNE A’ Cappella Bay Singers
6 1.47 ShortCut Perth Harmony
7 1.58 Alouette Circular Keys, CAL Region 34
8 2.09 Harmony Capers Melbourne
9 2.20 Obsession Vocalescence
10 2.31 Rise Coastal a Cappella
11 2.42 Enchant A Cappella West
12 2.53 Treble Makers Northern Beaches
Interval 35 mins
13 3.39 Yours Truly Endeavour Harmony
14 3.50 Vox Endeavour Harmony
15 4.01 Something Else! Coastal a Cappella,
Geelong Harmony
16 4.12 Sonic Vocalescence
17 4.23 Delightful Vocalescence
18 4.34 Cinnamon Endeavour Harmony
19 4.45 Sista! Coastal a Cappella,
Northern Beaches
20 4.56 Good4Tunes CAL Region 34
21 5.07 Debacle Brindabella
22 5.18 Kosmic Voices of the Vasse
23 withdrawn Three Docs & a Diva,
Open Division
Geelong Harmony
5.35 Quartet Chorus

Quartet Traffic Pattern

Chorus Competition – Sat 18 May
Hobart 2019

Cont # Sched Time Chorus Location Director
1 11.30 East City Sound Bayswater, VIC Robyn Westwood
2 11.41 Endeavour Harmony Sydney, NSW Lea Baker
3 11.52 Headliners Ballina, NSW Cathy Gordon
4 12.03 Melbourne Melbourne, VIC Traci Voss
5 12.14 Coastal a Cappella Erina Heights, NSW Linda Wareham
6 12.25 Redland Rhapsody Cleveland, QLD Louise Brannon
7 12.36 Hot Ginger Sunshine C, QLD Kim Kirkman
8 12.47 Vocalescence Gold Coast, QLD Andrew Howson
9 12.58 A’ Cappella Bay Singers Hervey Bay, QLD Helena Muratori
Interval 30 mins
10 1.44 Onkaparinga Harmony,
Woodcroft, SA Sarah Bradley
11 1.58 Bathurst Panorama Bathurst, NSW Elizabeth Pratley
12 2.09 Brindabella Canberra, ACT Glenda Lloyd
13 2.20 Northern Beaches Belrose, NSW Linda Wareham
14 2.31 Voices of the Vasse Busselton, WA Stephanie Bruce
15 2.42 Murrumbidgee Magic Wagga Wagga, NSW Judith Ferguson
16 2.53 Geelong Harmony Geelong, VIC Alexander Morris
17 3.04 Hobart Harmony Hobart, TAS Jenni Pyefinch
3.12 Contest Concludes
3.17 STAR Chorus Everywhere
3.32 Results and Awards

Chorus Traffic Pattern

Competing Choruses – Scores at Previous Contests

The previous results of all the competing choruses.

Parade of Champions

If your chorus or quartet is eligible to perform in the Parade of Champions, a representative from each quartet and the chorus director must attend the briefing, which will be held at the conclusion of the chorus competition in the Arena.

The line-up for the Parade of Champions is as follows:

5th Place Chorus – 1 song
5th Place Quartet – 1 song

4thPlace Chorus – 1 song
4th Place Quartet – 1 song

AA Winning Chorus* – 1 Song

3rd Place Chorus – 1 song
3rd Place Quartet – 1 song

A Winning Chorus* – 1 song

2nd Place Chorus – 1 song
2nd Place Quartet – 1 song

1st Place Quartet– 2 songs
1st Place Chorus – 2 songs

* If the A and AA Chorus Winners place in the top five, they will sing in the slot determined by their top five placements.

Groups will be called from the audience when they are to muster backstage in preparation for their performance.

30th Anniversary Celebrations

Our traditional Afterglow celebrations will be turned into a special celebration of our Region’s 30th Anniversary.

We encourage all registered participants to join the celebrations at Wrest Point, there will be dancing, singing and no doubt also lots of sharing of memories from the past 30 years of Sweet Adelines in our fabulous region.

To make it easy for those not accommodated at Wrest Point to stay on for the party we are introducing two initiatives this year :

  • A cloak room service will be offered at Wrest Point on the day of chorus competition. This will allow members to check in your “party clothes” for the day and then pick them up and change out of your performance costume after competition is over, removing the need to go back to your accommodation in the city to change. Choruses staying off site have been asked to indicate if they will be using this service as part of their CHORUS Competitor form, If your Chorus has not ticked this box, we will not be prepared for you and you MAY NOT be able to access this service.
  • We pre-sold vouchers for a meal to be provided between the end of chorus competition and the start of the Parade of Champions. This will allow a quick turnaround of meal service at Wrest Point, again so you need not leave the venue before the party begins. Meal tokens will be distributed to each chorus along with your lanyards.If you wish to secure a meal, but forgot to purchase it as part of your registration package there will be limited meal tokens for sale at the Regional Sales Desk on FRIDAY only.


Leaders’ Lunch – Sunday

Everyone on a Chorus Board or Management Team is welcome to join us on the Sunday of Convention for our Leaders’ Lunch to network with other chorus leaders and meet the Regional
Management Team.

We have fun activities planned for you to connect with other leaders in our region and catch up with old friends.

The lunch event costs $20 incl. GST per person and is subsidised by Sweet Adelines Australia.


In 2019, the AGM will return to our annual Convention. It will be held from 9-9:30am on Sunday 19th May in the Tasman Room at Wrest Point in Hobart.

Each chorus is asked to be represented at the AGM by at least one member in good standing. If your chorus will not be represented, the chorus Secretary or Team Coordinator/President should email apologies to Helen Burke, Regional Secretary –  by 5pm AEST 12 May. The 2018–2019 Annual Report will be emailed to members by Tuesday 30 April. The Annual Report will be uploaded onto the Sweet Adelines Australia website.

If you have any questions for the Regional Management Team please send these in writing no later than 30 April 2019 to Annet Wezenbeek (Email addresses are in the members’ area)

We will consolidate questions received and present the answers either at the AGM (time permitting) or on the Regional website.

Star Chorus

‘STAR’ is ‘Singing Together at Regional’ and offers the opportunity for anyone to sing on the contest stage where you are NOT in a competing chorus (this includes the international contest, evaluation and open division).

This year the STAR chorus will be back to performing at the conclusion of the chorus contest, before the announcements of awards.

The directors for this convention’s STAR chorus will be Jo Oosterhoff and Lindsey Dyer.

If you wish to be part of this chorus, sign up when you register for Convention. After registering for the STAR Chorus, you will be sent an email about your participation, along with details how to access the song and learning tracks.

There will be two rehearsals scheduled at Wrest Point;

9.15 – 10.15 am on Friday 19 May 2019 in the Boardwalk Gallery and
9.00 – 10.00am on Saturday 20 May 2019 in the Tasman Room

Harmony Bazaar

Harmony Bazaar will be held in the Exhibition Hall at Wrest Point.

Our stall holders include:

  • Woodenmagic: Tasmanian Timber gifts
  • FIND Jewellery Collective: Handmade Jewellery
  • The Spindle Tree: All Tasmanian fibre items including yarns, knitwear, gifts, children’s
    items, accessories, wraps and everything is made by local artisans.
  • Artesia Pewter: Pewter figurines, coasters, spoons, flutes and jewellery.
  • Naturally Millie Ma: natural, Tasmanian skincare and body products
  • Carole’s Island Creations: Handcrafted glass fused jewellery in silver and gold plated settings
  • Michelle’s: Clothing and jewellery.
  • Celtmania: Silver plated pewter cast jewellery. Includes musical themes

If your chorus – or someone you know – is interested in having a stall, email harmonybazaar@sweetadelines.org.au or fill in a Harmony Bazaar application form

Harmony Bazaar Trading Hours

Friday 17 May – 9.00am to 6.00pm
Saturday 18 May – 9.00am to 4.00pm
(bump-in – Thursday afternoon 17 May)

Convention Photos


Quartet photos
5 x 7 inch photos = $15 each + $5 postage and handling per order

Photos to be ordered online after Convention. To view photos and place orders, for up to one month after Convention go to: https://www.kirstengrahamphotography.com/client-gallery/

Chorus photos
Two types of photos are taken: “formal” photos (end of chorus’s competition performance) and “informal” photos (during the performance).

“Formal” and “Informal” photos, 8 x 12 inch = $20 each
Photo Pack with 1 x “Formal” and 1 x “Informal” photo = $30 each

Photo orders must be handed to the photographer at the desk outside the Tasman Room prior to the Chorus Briefing at 9am Friday 17 May.

Pre-Ordered Chorus photos will be posted out. The Chorus Photo Order Form

Other photos

STAR Chorus, awards ceremonies, Parade of Champion performers and other choruses’ photos can be ordered from https://www.kirstengrahamphotography.com/client-gallery/ for up to one month after Convention.

These photos (8 x 12inch) will cost $20 each + $5 postage and handling will be added to each order.

NOTE: For choruses from whom a significant number of members order prints (minimum 80% of members), Kirsten Graham Photography will provide digital files of the choruses’ two main images at no extra charge, to be used for promotional purposes.

We love it when you post and react on our Facebook pages! It’s the best way to share the love and show your support and respect in a very visible way.


Are you planning to visit any tourist sites while in Tasmania? We’d like to show Events Tasmania (who have given us a generous grant) just how many happy holiday snaps we can put up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of happy Sweet Adelines having a fabulous time around the Apple Isle!

Use the #SweetAdsTakeOnTassie and the #DiscoverTasmania hashtags on your pics. We plan to feature as many as possible during the webcast!

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Mass Sing

The Mass Sing will be held on Fri 17 May 10.30-11.00am on the lawns overlooking the beautiful Derwent River (weather permitting otherwise we will be in the Tasman Room)

Mass Sing Songs: Hobart 2019

  • Shelter
  • I’m Australia
  • Under Southern Skies
  • Waltzing Matilda
  • I Am Australian


Our judges this year are:

  • Renee Porzel – Showmanship & Panel Chair
  • Mary Rhea – Sound
  • Corinna Garriock – Music
  • Betty Clipman – Expression
Convention Bling Transfer

If you have ordered the 2019 convention bling transfer, you can follow these iron-on instructions.

Hobart 2019 Registration

Registrations will open on Monday 28 January 2019 and you can register here and once again, there will be a tiered pricing structure. Early Bird Registration closes Friday March 15, 2019 with registrations closing on Friday 5 April 2019.

The fees are again based on flight costs for registrants. Members and non-members can individually register and pay. They can also register at the same time for other people such as other chorus members, Sweet Adeline International Members or non-members.

Registration Fees (All prices include GST)

Early Bird Registration

($35 discount before Friday 15 March)


(Registrations close Friday 5 April)




ACT + Bathurst



North Qld + Wagga Wagga + SA



QLD + North NSW









BHA Member



non-SAI Member



SAI other (eg Prospective)



Youth (SAI member under 25 years)


50% of Early Bird +$35

Registration closes on 5 Apr 2019 but audience session tickets will still be available.

Registration fee includes:

• Entry to Quartet and Chorus Competitions
• Parade of Champions  (plus option to purchase dinner box before/after parade of Champions)
• Entry to 30th Birthday Celebrations
• Convention Program
• Master Class

Optional Items
Parade of Champions DVD $30 each After Convention, a limited number of DVDs will be available for sale until end of June 2019 via the Regional website for $35.
Convention Transfer $10 each You must purchase with your registration. The transfers will be sent to your chorus before Convention. There will not be any available for sale in Hobart.
Souvenir Convention Pin $12 each Limited number available at Convention.
Pre-Order Evening Meal Sat $25


Session tickets are once again available to Family and Friends who are not registered for Convention.

Tickets are available for purchase via Cvent and at the RMT Sales Desk.
Adults – $35.00 per session
Concession and Children – $25.00 per session
Parade of Champions – $15.00

PLEASE NOTE – a separate ticket is required for EACH session. Also note, if people wish to attend only the Parade of Champions, $15.00 tickets will be available after the Chorus Competition at the Regional Sales Desk.

All ticket prices include GST.

Allocated seating (showing 2018 TBC for 2019) for Session Ticket Holders is in the Plenary Theatre
Rows D – Q, Seats 1 – 15 and Seats 30 – 44

Other Dates

Register your Chorus or Quartet on the Sweet Adelines International website.

ePacket Mailing from International – Friday 1 Feb 2019

SAI Quartet Competition Entry Deadline – 18 March 2019

SAI Chorus Competition Entry Deadline – 19 March 2019

Draw for Order of Appearance – 25 March 2019 (US time)

Documents: Hobart 2019

For everyone:

Competition Handbook 2019
All the rules in detail.
47 page pdf (Coming soon)

For Chorus admin

Competition Coordinator’s Communiques

Competition Coordinator’ s Communique Number 1
pdf (Coming soon)
Competition Coordinator’s Communique 1 Quartets
pdf (Coming soon)
Competition Coordinator’s Communique 2 Choruses
pdf (Coming soon)
Competition Coordinator’s Special Communique Traffic Patterns
pdf (Coming soon)


Future Region 34 Competition Dates

Dates listed represents the official competition period, from Thursday (briefings), Friday (Quartet contest) and Saturday (Chorus contest)

Locations will be added here as they are confirmed.

2020 14-17 May / Hobart
2021 13-16 May / Venue TBC
2022 19-22 May / Venue TBC
2023 4-7 May / Venue TBC
2024 16-19 May / Venue TBC

Please note there are activities that often occur on the days prior to and after the Competition that may affect your travel arrangements. These can include mass sings, quartet briefings and education, so please ensure you take note of this in your planning.

Future International Competition Dates

2019 New Orleans, LA 16-21 September
2020 Louisville, KY 12-17 October (70th Diamond Anniversary)
2021 St Louis, MO 11-16 October

More details about International Conventions can be found on www.sweetadelineintl.org.

Past Contest Information

Hobart 2018

Perth 2017

The Sweet Adelines Region 34 Chorus and Quartet Contest is supported by the Tasmanian Government through Events Tasmania.

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