Hobart Convention and Regional Contest 2018

Thu 17 May- Sun 20 May

Hobart Convention and Regional Contest 2018

Our next Sweet Adelines Region 34 Annual contest and convention will be at Wrest Point Casino in Hobart from Thu 17 May to Sun 20 May.


Photos can now be reviewed here


These are the unofficial results (as given to the competing quartets and choruses). The official results will be confirmed and available on the International website from Monday.


All the fun starts in…


Flood Update

There is some damage to the lower ground floor rooms at Wrest Point from the storm.  So there have been some changes to the traffic pattern, rehearsal rooms (times will be the same) and the Afterglow venue.   Please make sure you are using the latest information.

The staff have been terrific and have bent over backwards to accommodate us and our needs. 

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Webcast – Hobart 2018


Watch the webcast again until 7 June at http://live.creativeimagery.tv/

Watch the webcast of the Quartet Competition (Fri 18 May) and Chorus Competition (Sat 19 May) AND you will also be able to access the webcast archive for 2 weeks after the competition. (Webcast archive available from 24 May.)

For the first time this year we are going to have Webcast commentary – anchored by Traci Voss (director of Melbourne Chorus), Alex Morris (director of Geelong Harmony Chorus) and Vicki Dwyer (director of Circular Keys Chorus) and Kate Hawkins (Region 34 Membership Team Coordinator). They will be sharing their knowledge and statistics with those not able to join us in the Tasman Theatre.

There will be the opportunity to have a chat with our webcast presenters after you have competed.

Please Note : All Times shown are Australian Eastern Standard Time

Convention Schedule – Hobart 2018

Recent changes in red.

Thursday 17th May 2018
12 noon – 2.00pm Quartet Reception Onyx Bar, Wrest Point
3.30 – 4.30pm STAR Chorus Rehearsal Showroom
2.15 – 3.00pm Quartet Chorus Rehearsal Showroom
3.00 – 4.00pm MC Briefing Greenroom
3.00 – 4.00pm Official Inspection Tasman
5.00 – 5.45pm Joint Quartet & Chorus Briefing Tasman
5.30 – 6.30pm Quartet Walkthrough Lead from Tasman
6.30 – 7.30pm Directors & TC/President Walkthrough Lead from Tasman
7.30 – 8.00pm Volunteer Briefing (Mandatory for all volunteers) Exhibition Foyer

Registration Desk open 2.00pm – 5.00pm
RRT Information Desk/Staff open 2.00pm – 6.00pm

Friday 18th May 2018
8.00 – 9.00am STAR Chorus Rehearsal Showroom
9.00 – 10.00am CAL Catch up Riverview Snacks Cafe
10.30 – 11.00am Mass Sing Tasman
11.30am Opening Ceremony Tasman
12.30pm Quartet Competition & Awards followed by Quartet Chorus Tasman

Registration Desk open 9.00am – 12.00pm
RRT Information Desk/Staff open 9.00am – 5.00pm
Harmony Bazaar open 9.00am – 6.00pm

Saturday 19th May 2018
11.30am Chorus Competition & Awards followed by STAR Chorus Tasman
6.00pm approx. Parade of Champions (Starting 1 hour after the conclusion of the Awards ceremony.) Tasman
8.30pm Afterglow – Royal Wedding Party (bring your tiaras and crowns) Exhibition Foyer

RRT Information Desk/Staff open 9.00am – 3.00pm
Harmony Bazaar open 9.00am – 5.00pm

Sunday 20th May 2018
8.00 – 9.30am Leaders’ Breakfast Derwent
10.00 – 12.00am REF Feedback – for directors and Quartets only Pier One
10.00 – 11.00am Master Class – quartets Showroom
10.00 – 11.00am How to Develop a Successful Entertainment Package (Glenda Lloyd and Brindabella Chorus) Tasman
11.10 – 12.10pm Through the lens – Gail Jencik Showroom
11.10 – 12.10pm Master Class – chorus Tasman
12.30 – 1.00pm Closing Ceremony Tasman
Quartet Competition Fri 18 May Hobart 2018

Times subject to change – to be confirmed by Panel Chair after the draw of Order Of Appearance on 26 March 2018

Cont # Sched Time Quartet Chapter(s)
MC Announcements
12:30 Mic Testers: Hartz Hobart Harmony
1 12.41 Platinum Quartet Vocal Vibes
2 12.52 Fine-Tuned Quartet Hobart Harmony
3 1.03 GinSing Quartet Coastal a Cappella
4 1.14 Short Cut Quartet Perth Harmony
5 Hi-Jinx Quartet, WITHDRAWN A Cappella West, CAL Region 34
6 1.25 ATTUNE Quartet A’Cappella Bay Singers
7 1.36 Debacle Quartet Brindabella
8 1.47 Sista! Quartet Coastal a Cappella, Northern Beaches
9 1.58 Push Play Quartet Geelong Harmony, Melbourne
10 2.09 Eureka Quartet A Cappella West
11 2.20 South Street Quartet A Cappella West
12 2.31 Cool Change Quartet Endeavour Harmony
Interval 35 mins
13 3.17 Treble Makers Quartet Northern Beaches
14 3.28 Rise Quartet Coastal a Cappella
15 3.39 Delightful Quartet Vocalescence
16 3.50 Obsession Quartet Vocalescence
17 4.01 Abstract Quartet Indian Blue
18 4.12 Revelry Quartet, OPEN DIVISION Wellington City
19 4.26 Good4Tune Quartet Chapter-at-Large Region 34
20 4.37 Cadence Quartet Geelong Harmony, Vocal Vibes
21 4.48 Shenanigans Quartet Brindabella
22 4.59 Something Else! Quartet Geelong Harmony
23 5.10 Entice! Quartet Coastal a Cappella
24 5.21 Alouette Quartet CAL Region 34, Circular Keys
Quartet Chorus

Chorus Traffic Pattern (Post-flood version)

Chruses will enter stage from STAGE RIGHT and leave STAGE LEFT – this is the opposite to the original traffic pattern

Chorus Competition – Sat 19 May
Hobart 2018

Times subject to change – to be confirmed by Panel Chair after the draw of Order Of Appearance.

Cont # Sched Time Chorus Location Director
MC Announcements
1 11.30 Rhythms of the Reef Bundaberg, QLD Rebekah Strachan
2 11.41 Bathurst Panorama Bathurst, NSW Elizabeth Pratley
3 11.52 Vocal Edge Blue Mountains,
Blackheath, NSW Sharon Stanley & Amanda Nelson 
4 12.06 Indian Blue City of Joondalup, WA Kali Caramia
5 12.17 Coastal a Cappella Erina Heights, NSW Linda L. Wareham
6 12.28 Coastal Charisma Broadbeach, QLD Jonathan Albertini
7 12.39 Perth Harmony Perth, WA Jennifer Squires
8 12.50 Canberra Harmony Canberra, ACT Pam Foley
9 1.01 Southern Sounds Frankston, VIC Karen Dawson
10 1.12 Hobart Harmony Hobart, TAS Jennifer Pyefinch
11 1.23 A Cappella West Murdoch, WA Lindsey A Dyer & Joanne Oosterhoff
12 1.34 Aurora Australis Sydney, NSW Trish A. Tuffin
Interval 30 mins
13 2.20 Riverland Harmony Penrith, NSW Nerryl Liston
14 2.31 Brisbane City Sounds Brisbane, QLD Kelly Shepard
15 2.42 Murrumbidgee Magic Wagga Wagga, NSW Judith Ferguson
16 2.53 Vocalescence Gold Coast, QLD Andrew Howson
17 3.04 Geelong Harmony Geelong, VIC Alexander S. Morris
18 3.15 Wollongong Harmony Wollongong, NSW Jan McCarthy
19 3.26 Northern Beaches Belrose, NSW Linda L. Wareham
20 3.37 Vocal Vibes Ringwood North, VIC Jeanette E. Whitmore
21 3.48 Redland Rhapsody Cleveland, QLD Louise J Brannon
22 3.59 Brindabella Canberra, ACT Glenda Lloyd
23 4.10 Adelaide Sound Connection Mitcham, SA Engelina De Jong
Contest Concludes
4.23 STAR Chorus
4.38 Results and Awards

Quartet Traffic Pattern (Post-flood version)

Competing Choruses – Scores at Previous Contests

The previous results of all the competing choruses. Shown in order of appearance. E=Evaluation only. O=Open section.

Parade of Champions

If your chorus or quartet is eligible to perform in the Parade of Champions, a representative from each quartet and the chorus director must attend the briefing, which will be held at the conclusion of the chorus competition in the Arena.

The draft line-up for the Parade of Champions is as follows:

5th Place Chorus – 1 song
5th Place Quartet – 1 song

4thPlace Chorus – 1 song
4th Place Quartet – 1 song

A Winning Chorus* – 1 Song

3rd Place Chorus – 1 song
3rd Place Quartet – 1 song

AA Winning Chorus* – 1 song

2nd Place Chorus – 1 song
2nd Place Quartet – 1 song

1st Place Quartet– 2 songs
1st Place Chorus – 2 songs

* If the A and AA Chorus Winners place in the top five, they will sing in the slot determined by their top five placements.

# Minimum B score must be achieved to be eligible to perform in the Parade of Champions.
Groups will be called from the audience when they are to muster backstage in preparation for their performance.


Entry to Afterglow is included in your registration. It will be held downstairs in the Wellington Room at Wrest Point Saturday 19 May from 8.30 pm

To honour the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and given we have many royalists in our midst, Circular Keys Chorus will be hosting ‘The Royal Wedding Party’. TV screen will be provided, fantastic music will be playing, and a cash bar will be available.!!


Leaders’ Breakfast – Sunday

Come and meet your new Regional Resource Team and network with other regional leaders.

8.00-9.30am Sunday 20 May, Derwent Room, Wrest Point

Subsidised cost is $15 per head for a buffet breakfast.

RSVP by 22nd April

Mic Testing Chorus

We invited all members to sing in the Mic Testing Chorus on the competition stage during the Official Inspection on Thursday 17 May.

If you have been selected and have been sent a confirmation email, assemble in the Boardwalk down the escalator at 3.00pm on Thursday 17 May for a brief rehearsal before going into at Wrest Point, Tasman Room

You will need to come ready to sing How We Sang Today and I’m Australia. (You can download learning tracks for these songs from the Members Only Area).

Let us know if you would like to be part of the Mic Testing Chorus when you register for Convention.

Star Chorus

‘STAR’ is ‘Singing Together at Regional’ and offers the opportunity for anyone to sing on the contest stage where you are NOT in a competing chorus (this includes the international contest, evaluation and open division).

This year the STAR chorus will be back to performing at the conclusion of the chorus contest, before the announcements of awards.

The director for this convention’s STAR chorus will be Lea Baker. 

If you wish to be part of this chorus, sign up when you register for Convention. After registering for the STAR Chorus, you will be sent an email about your participation, along with details how to access the song and learning tracks.

There will be two rehearsals scheduled at Wrest Point;

1.00-2.00pm on Thursday 17 May 2018 and
8.00-9.00am on Friday 18 May 2018

both in Wellington Room.

If you have any questions about the STAR Chorus, contact: events@sweetadelines.org.au

Harmony Bazaar

Harmony Bazaar will be held in the Exhibition Hall at Wrest Point.

Our stall holders this year include:

  • Millie Maa: natural soaps and skin creams, Tasmanian Made
  • Wood Magic: Tasmanian Timber gifts
  • Artesia: Pewter Gifts Tasmanian made
  • Sue Domeney: Silk printed scarves and jewellery, Tasmanian made
  • Spindle Tree: hand knitted/spun gifts and various Tasmanian craft
  • Celtmania: jewellery Tasmanian made
  • A Cappella West Chorus: number plate surrounds; convention pins
  • Hi Jinx Quartet CDs  Onkaparinga Chorus
  • Coastal a Cappella: chorus bags and shoe bags
  • Vocal Vibes: Keep Cups
  • Michelle Davies: Woollen wraps and jewellery Tasmanian made

If your chorus – or someone you know – is interested in having a stall, email hobartharmony@gmail.com, or download a Harmony Bazaar application form

Harmony Bazaar Trading Hours

Friday 18 May – 9.00am to 6.00pm
Saturday 19 May – 9.00am to 5.00pm
(bump-in – Thursday afternoon 17 May)

Convention Photos


Quartet photos
5 x 7 inch photos = $15 each + $5 postage and handling per order

Photos to be ordered online after Convention. To view photos and place orders, for up to one month after Convention go to: amberscobie.shootproof.com

Chorus photos
Two types of photos are taken: “formal” photos (end of chorus’s competition performance) and “informal” photos (during the performance).

“Formal” and “Informal” photos, 8 x 12 inch = $20 each
Photo Pack with 1 x “Formal” and 1 x “Informal” photo = $30 each

Photo orders must be lodged at the Chorus Briefing at 5.00pm on Thursday 17 May.

Pre-Ordered Chorus photos will be posted out 19 June 2018. The Chorus Photo Order Form

Other photos

STAR Chorus, awards ceremonies, Parade of Champion performers and other choruses’ photos can be ordered from amberscobie.shootproof.com for up to one month after Convention.

These photos (8 x 12inch) will cost $20 each + $5 postage and handling will be added to each order.

NOTE: For choruses from whom a significant number of members order prints (minimum 80% of members), Amber Scobie Photography will provide digital files of the choruses’ two main images at no extra charge, to be used for promotional purposes.

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Mass Sing

The Mass Sing will be held on Fri 18 May 10.30-11.00am in the Tasman Room.

Mass Sing Songs: Hobart 2018

  • Shelter directed by Jono Albertini
  • It’s My Song directed by Lindsey Dyer
  • The Song of the Southern Cross directed by Cathy Gordon
  • I Am Australian – directed by Debbie Tsgatos
  • I’m Australia directed by Louise Brannon
  • Waltzing Matilda directed by Kelly Shepard

Our judges this year are:

  • Becky Hine – Showmanship & Panel Chair
  • Valerie Taylor – Sound
  • Mary Ashford – Music
  • Annette Wallace, Expression
Hobart 2018 Registration

Register here. The fees are based on flight costs for registrants. Members and non-members can individually register and pay. They can also register at the same time for other people such as other chorus members, Sweet Adeline International Members or non-members.

Registration Fees (All prices include GST)

Early Bird Registration

($35 discount before Friday 9 March)


(Registrations close Friday 6 April)




North Qld + Wagga Wagga + SA



QLD + North NSW



ACT + Bathurst









BHA Member



non-SAI Member



Registration closes on 6 Apr 2018 but audience session tickets will still be available. Registration fee includes: • Entry to Quartet and Chorus Competitions • Parade of Champions • Entry to Afterglow • Convention Program • Master Class

Optional Items
Parade of Champions DVD $20 each After Convention, a limited number of DVDs will be available for sale until Friday 22 June 2018 via the Regional website for $30.00.
Convention Transfer $10 each You must purchase with your registration. The transfers will be sent to your chorus before Convention. There will not be any available for sale in Hobart.


Session tickets are once again available to Family and Friends who are not registered for Convention.

Tickets are available for purchase via TryBooking – links below.
Adults – $35.00 per session
Concession and Children – $25.00 per session
Parade of Champions – $15.00

PLEASE NOTE – a separate ticket is required for EACH session

All ticket prices include GST. 

Allocated seating for Session Ticket Holders is in the Plenary Theatre
Rows D – Q, Seats 1 – 15 and Seats 30 – 44

Other Dates

Register your Chorus or Quartet on the Sweet Adelines International website.

ePacket Mailing from International – Friday 3 February 2018

SAI Quartet Competition Entry Deadline – 19 March 2018

SAI Chorus Competition Entry Deadline – 20 March 2018

Draw for Order of Appearance – 26 March 2018 (US time)

Future Region 34 Competition Dates

Dates listed represents the official competition period, from Thursday (briefings), Friday (Quartet contest) and Saturday (Chorus contest). These dates are as published on the Sweet Adelines International Regional Competition Schedule 2017-2022, released 22/6/2016. Locations will be added here as they are confirmed.

2019 16-19 May / Hobart
2020 14-17 May / Hobart
2021 13-16 May / Venue TBC
2022 28 April-1 May / Venue TBC
2023 4-7 May / Venue TBC

Please note there are activities that often occur on the days prior to and after the Competition that may affect your travel arrangements. These can include mass sings, quartet briefings and education, so please ensure you take note of this in your planning.

Future International Competition Dates

2018 St Louis, MO 15-20 October
2019 New Orleans, LA 16-21 September
2020 Louisville, KY 12-17 October (70th Diamond Anniversary)
2021 St Louis, MO 11-16 October

More details about International Conventions can be found on www.sweetadelineintl.org.

Past Contest Information

Perth 2017

The Sweet Adelines Region 34 Chorus and Quartet Contest is supported by the Tasmanian Government through Events Tasmania.

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