Chorus Contest Results 1990 - 2016
Region 34 Contest Results

The first Region 34 contest was held in 1990.

Contests were every 2 years until 2004 when they became annual events.

There were only 3 choruses competing in our first ever contest in 1990. In 2002, a record 29 choruses competed. Now about 20 choruses usually compete each year.

Choruses must compete at least once every 3 years but they can compete more than this if they wish.

Highest Scores

Endeavour Harmony Chorus currently hold the regional record of 662 points (out of a maximum of 800 points) achieved in 2014.

This chart shows the highest scores ever achieved by each chorus.

Top 10: Path to Excellence

This graph shows the scores over time of the top 10 Region 34 choruses.

You can see that 5 of the 10 choruses scored less than 400 in their first contest - and all (except A Cappella West) have had drops along the way.

The road to excellence is never easy!

See Chorus Results (Excel)

Chorus Results Sheets (pdf)

Contests Entered

Region 34 has held 20 contests up to and including 2016.

Coastal A Cappella have entered the most contests (16) or 84% of the contests they could have entered since that chorus started.

Only Coastal Charisma has entered every contest possible since that chorus started (100% or 2 contests).

Most Improved

Northern Beaches holds the record for the most improved score from one year to the next - A 123 point jump from 365 in 2006 to 488 in 2007.

Medals (Overall placing)

Perth Harmony has won the most first place medals (9) and 13 medals in total.

Melbourne have won 5 first place medals and 14 medals in total in the overall placings. (This table does not include any Div A or AA medals)

Medals (Midsize Chorus AA)

In the midsize Chorus contest (31-60 singers), Brindabella and Melbourne share the top of this table having both won 3 first place Midsize (AA) chorus medals, 1 second place and one third place medals.

Medals (Small Chorus A)

Murrumbidgee Magic own this category at the moment having won 3 first place and 3 second place medals.

Quartet Scores

We are happy to see that our quartet scores have been trending upwards every year.

From 7 quartets in 1990, we saw numbers increase to 36 quartets competing in 2012 (That's a lot of quartets for the judges to listen to in 1 day.)

Since then, numbers have steadied a little around 20-25 quartets in each contest.

Top 20 Quartet Scores

Hi-Jinx dominate the top of the scores table with some fantastic scores from our best ever quartet.

Top 20 Quartets

These are our Top 20 quartets (by their highest ever scores).

Well done to all the quartets on this list!

Most Competing Quartets

Jan and Tonic quartet top this table having competed 9 times in Region 34.

Quartet Medals

This shows all the quartets who have won Region 34 medals.

Hi-Jinx have won the most first place medals (5).

Accolade have 4 first place, 2 second place and one third place medal (7 medals in total.)

Here's the Excel spreadsheet to see all the quartet scores over the years.

Quartet Results (pdf)

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