Region 34

Sweet Adelines Australia (Region 34 of Sweet Adelines International Inc.) is dedicated to advancing four-part a cappella music through the original American art form of barbershop harmony by providing opportunities for education, performance and personal growth.

“We come for the music and stay for the friendships.”

To be the leading musical organisation for Australian women

Sweet Adelines Australia, a region of Sweet Adelines International, is a national organisation of women singers committed to advancing the musical art-form of Barbershop Harmony through education, competition and performance.

Region 34 currently has around 1400 members (and fast growing), making us the largest region of Sweet Adelines International in the world. Women sing each week in more than 30 choruses and 50 quartets across the nation. 

Strategic Pillars:
• Pride in membership of Sweet Adelines
• A secure future for Region 34
• Consistently high quality musical and performance skills
• Strong representation and participation at international organisational level
• Productive partnerships with external networks
• Best practice management throughout the region

Regional Management Team

The region is administered by the Regional Management Team (RMT) who provide musical and administrative leadership within the region. The 8 members of the RMT are singers or directors of regional chapter Choruses and manage the Region on a voluntary basis on behalf of our members.

Interested in serving on the Regional Management Team?
We elect four of the eight two-year positions every year, for terms starting 1 May. If you think you might be interested in a position, please contact the current office-holder for more information. The closing date for RMT nominations is 15 August each year.

Kate Hawkins
Team Coordinator

Kate sings with Circular Keys Chorus.

  • Facilitates RMT meetings
  • Reviews and approves all standing rules
  • Reviews and approves all job descriptions
  • Maintains the region’s long range plan and regional calendar
  • Develops support staff to assist in implementing responsibilities
Lindsey Dyer
Education Coordinator

Lindsey is co-director of A Cappella West.

  • Develops, coordinates and monitors regional education programs.
  • Reviews and approves all standing rules
  • Maintains the 5-year regional education plan.
  • Recruits and monitors Regional Education Faculty

International Appointment.

Annet Wezenbeek
Finance Coordinator

Annet sings with Vocal Vibes Chorus.

  • Ensures that all financial resources of the region are accounted for in an effective and efficient manner

Regional Appointment.

Anna-Marie Shew
Marketing Coordinator

Anna-Marie sings with Geelong Harmony.

  • Develops and provides marketing and public relations programs that promote chapter and regional events and membership growth and retention

Regional Appointment.

Sue Gilkes
Communications Coordinator

Sue sings with Aurora Australis.

  • Receives communication from the International organisation and disperses to the region, maintains regional website

Regional Appointment.

Annette Connolly
Events Coordinator

Annette sings with A Cappella West.

  • Facilitates the securing of appropriate venues for regional programs and events, including site inspections and negotiation of contracts

Regional Appointment.

Kali Caramia
Directors’ Coordinator

Kali is director of Indian Blue Chorus.

  • Represents the interest of regional directors on the RMT
Val Norris
Membership Coordinator

Val sings with Coastal A Cappella and Northern Beaches Chorus.

  • Represents the interests of chapter management and membership on the RMT
RMT Elections

All members are eligible to be part of the Regional Management Team. Please consider joining and giving back to the region.

The next applications will be accepted from May – Aug 2018 for four important RMT positions for the 2019–2021 (two year) term:

Finance Coordinator
Marketing Coordinator
Events Coordinator
Directors’ Coordinator

Interested? Go to the members’ area to find position descriptions and more information about the RMT.

If successful, you’ll unofficially start in the new year 2019 and officially start in your role on May 1st, 2019!

Regional Education Faculty

Our region has an outstanding team of educators: the Regional Education Faculty (REF) who travel to each of our choruses annually, supporting Music Directors and their teams to deliver their education programs at each weekly rehearsal.
Information about our REF and their professional skills can be found in our Members Only area (password required).

Why are we called the Southern Cross Region?

Australia officially became a ‘region’ of Sweet Adelines International over 25 years ago.

At that time we became Region 34 of the US-based organisation.  At the time of incorporation as a Region we adopted the name of ‘The Southern Cross Region’ which described our country to the rest of the world.

Of course today we market ourselves to the wider public as ‘Sweet Adelines Australia’ but our official name is ‘Region 34, the Southern Cross Region of Sweet Adelines International’ which is quite a mouthful!

What is the Southern Cross?

The Southern Cross is the best known and most represented star group in the Southern Hemisphere.

Just like the members of Sweet Adelines in Australia, the star group’s distinctive shape is easily located because of its brightness and close proximity to each other. It can be seen all year round from almost anywhere in the Australia.

Unlike Sweet Adelines Australia members, the constellation is not visible in the northern hemisphere!

The Southern Cross contains four bright stars (or voice parts) so situated that they depict the extremities of a Latin cross. If you look closely you will see the four stars in the Sweet Adelines Australia logo.

Our Core Values


We provide a cappella singing education in the barbershop style for our members who sing in choruses and quartets around Australia.


We have regular competitons to inspire us to keep improving our singing and to perform to appreciative audiences everywhere.


Our choruses and quartets love to sing to an audience. If you are interested in hiring us please contact us.


Barbershop, a cappella singing is our passion. And we love the fun, friendship and ringing chords that go with our hobby.

Annual General Meeting

Traditionally, the AGM has been held over the Convention weekend and finding 45 minutes in the busy schedule has put pressure on time for education programs, which our members value. It’s also a time when the RMT is already doing ‘double duty’ both competing and making the event a success.

Some of the ceremonial aspects previously included in our AGM can be incorporated in the Opening or Closing Ceremony, or the Leaders Lunch.

After consulting the South Australian Department of Consumer and Business Services, we found we have five months from the end of our financial year to hold an AGM and the business agenda can be very simple. The RMT agreed by consensus to pilot a change in 2016, to hold it in conjunction with our mid-year RMT meeting. Holding it via web / teleconference means each chorus can be represented as not all choruses have members attending each Convention.

Watch Archived AGM 2016
To watch archived AGM 2017 contact the Region 34 Team Coordinator:

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