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Sweet Adelines Australia (Region 34 of Sweet Adelines International Inc.) is dedicated to advancing four-part a cappella music through the original American art form of barbershop harmony by providing opportunities for education, performance and personal growth.

To be the leading musical organisation for Australian women

Sweet Adelines Australia, a region of Sweet Adelines International, is a national organisation of
women singers committed to advancing the musical artform of Barbershop Harmony through
education, competition and performance.

Strategic Pillars:
• Pride in membership of Sweet Adelines
• A secure future for Region 34
• Consistently high quality musical and performance skills
• Strong representation and participation at international organisational level
• Productive partnerships with external networks
• Best practice management throughout the region

Region 34 currently has 1330 members (and fast growing), making us the *largest region of Sweet Adelines International in the world. Women sing each week in more than 30 choruses and 50 quartets across the nation.  Australia is about the size of the mainland states of the United States, excluding Alaska and approximately 24 times the size of the British Isles.

The main purpose of Sweet Adelines in this vast continent is to educate women of all ages in the art of singing four-part a cappella harmony, barbershop style.  We offer the most comprehensive education available anywhere in the world.  Not only do members learn vocal production and music, they also learn choreography, stage production costuming and much more.  It is a lot of fun!

Our members constantly say "we come for the music and stay for the friendships".

Find out more about the benefits of joining a Sweet Adelines chorus and how to join here.

* current as at 1 April 2016

Regional Education Faculty (REF)

Our region has an outstanding team of educators who travel to each of our choruses annually, supporting Music Directors and their teams to deliver their education programs at each weekly rehearsal.

Information about our REF and their professional skills can be found in our Members Only area (password required). Click here to locate this page.

Contacts for Sweet Adelines Australia

As a region of Sweet Adelines International, we have a Regional Management Team to determine and management the operations locally. To contact our Regional Management Team by email, please add after each of the prefixes in italics below:

    RMT Members

    Team Coordinator

    Facilitates meetings of the RMT, reviews and approves all standing rules, reviews regional standing rules and job descriptions, maintains the region's long range plan and regional calendar and develops support staff to assist in implementing responsibilities – Regional Appointment

    Sharon Cartwright

    0414 534 772

    Education Coordinator

    Develops, coordinates and monitors regional education programs.  Maintains the 5-year regional education plan. Recruits and monitors Regional Education Faculty -  International Appointment

    Traci Voss

    Finance Coordinator

    Ensures that all financial resources of the region are accounted for in an effective and efficient manner – Regional Appointment

    Annet Wezenbeek

    Marketing Coordinator

    Develops and provides marketing and public relations programs that promote chapter and regional events and membership growth and retention – Regional Appointment

    Anna-Marie Shew

    Communications Coordinator

    Receives communication from the International organisation and disperses to the region, maintains regional website Regional Appointment

    Debbie Scott

    Events Coordinator

    Facilitates the securing of appropriate venues for regional programs and events, including site inspections and negotiation of contracts – Regional Appointment

    Kate Hawkins

    Directors' Coordinator

    Represents the interest of regional directors on the RMT – Director Elected

    Lindsey Dyer

    Membership Coordinator

    Represents the interests of chapter management and membership on the RMT – Member Elected

    Val Norris

For urgent enquiries - please contact Sharon Cartwright on 0414 534 772.

You can also post a message to us via our Facebook page.

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