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ASME Conference delegates

Information for the interest of 2015 ASME Conference delegates

Greetings to 2015 ASME Conference delegates!

ASMEconflogo.JPGThank you for your interest in Sweet Adelines International and we hope you enjoyed Carole Macintyre's presentation at the conference in Adelaide on October 2nd. Our aim is to spread the word about Sweet Adelines and the wonderful education and competition opportunities we offer to Music Educators from all over the country.

Whether you seek information about women's a cappella choruses or quartets for your students or you're looking for a high quality group to sing with yourself, here are some quick links to what you may be looking for.

  • Choruses: Read about what a Sweet Adelines Chorus is like, how you can start one and the competitions Choruses can participate in.
  • Quartets: Read about the benefits of singing in quartets and the competition and extension opportunities available to our singers.

Click here for a copy of the ASME Conference Program PDF flyer.

About our Education Programs

Of interest to Australia's Music Educators will be our Directors Certification Program, which is open to all members and involves a series of modules with tests and observations. Upon completion, graduates are qualified to be Frontline Directors, however depending on available openings in Choruses, many spend time in an Assistant Director role. Many of our members use this training in their suite of professional skills in schools, colleges and private music practices. In 2016 we will introduce a Section Leaders Certification Program to support the emerging music leaders in our Choruses. Each year, we hold a national Directors' School, open to Frontline Directors and often their Assistant Directors and other music leaders as well.Circular Keys Chorus

We have a national Education Faculty who travel to our Choruses to provide educational support to the music directors and music teams. They monitor the progress of our Choruses to ensure our members enjoy a high standard of music training and direction. If you have any questions about Sweet Adelines Education and how you can become involved, please contact our Education Coordinator, Linda Wareham via

Vocal and music education is a major part of each Chorus rehearsal and to supplement this, each year we run a national Education program, offering 1-2 day workshops in a cappella and barbershop singing techniques as well as quartet skills. These are often open to non-members and we invite your participation. Our Events page lists these workshops.

BrindabellaOur Choruses are always looking for experienced singers of all ages and music educators who wish to try something new. See our Find Us page to locate your nearest Chorus and arrange a visit to one of their weekly rehearsals.  If you have an existing female singing group or choir and are interested in becoming a Sweet Adelines Chorus, then we offer a fantastic Steps program to do this. Our Membership Coordinator, Val Norris can answer questions about the Steps program and provide a Startup pack -


We appreciate the interest you have shown in Sweet Adelines Australia and hope you will visit the rehearsal of one of our Choruses very soon.

If you are an educator or music director for male singers, then we invite you to visit the Barbershop Harmony Australia (BHA) website. They run similar programs and competitions for male singers of all ages as well as having Mixed Harmony opportunities.

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